Forsan Post Office History

The Forsan Post Office was established February 23, 1929. It opened for business March 5, 1929 and the first purchase was stamps for $2.52. The first Money Order was sold on April 4, 1929.

The first Post Master was Mrs. Gladys Arnold from February 23, 1929 to July 1, 1933. Vera Harris took over July 1, 1933 to January 31, 1968. She served 35 years. When Mrs. Harris retired it was mandatory at the age of 70. She was in good health and would have continued working if she could have. She lived a long and happy life and passed away in July of 1995. Vera owned the building that housed the Post Office. She lived in the back.

Two long service clerks under Vera were Mrs. Opal Snelling, 21 years and Mrs. Audrey Bardwell, 16 years. After Mrs. Harris retired Audrey Bardwell served as Officer-In-Charge. Mr. Eddie Engle was then appointed Officer-In-Charge and was the one that moved the Post Office into the present location. The Post Office has leased this building since 1969.

Mrs. Nola Story followed as Post Master. She had been the Post Master at Chalk. They closed her Post Office and allowed her to transfer to Forsan in order to finish her years to retirement. Mrs. Story lived until October of 1989.

Alma Rose Murphy was the next Post Master. She had been a relief clerk for Mrs. Story and was appointed Post Master in 1972. Alma got cancer in the prime of her life and passed away in 1976.

Reba Ward was relief clerk to Alma and was appointed Officer-In-Charge. Mrs. Ward was appointed Post Master in 1977. Reba worked until January 1, 1999 for a total of 26 years, 22 as Post Master.

Pat Barron served 17 years as relief clerk to Reba, retiring in September 0f 1994. Polly Sisson came as relief clerk for Pat and served three years. Reba Ward came back and ran the Post Office for a year after Polly resigned.

Shelly Cancino became relief clerk and was appointed Officer-In-Charge until the present Postmaster Katy Ozment, was transferred here from her Post Office in Oklahoma.