The Unlawful Town

Nedulene Pitcock

May 5, 1958


             Forsan, one of the southwest’s roughest towns in the late twenties and early thirties.  If a person came into Forsan today, he would think Forsan had always been the gossiping little community it is today. But he is far from right. For some it was the ol’ west as we see in the movies today.

            In 1928, oil was discovered! There was one building, the town site office. The struts were being staked. This was the beginning of Forsan. Not much happened that year as far as the law was concerned.

            1929 came pretty fast after Mr. King organized the town; one of the first places was a café between the Hardware store and Scudday station. The café owner killed a man. He said this was in self defense. But he had killed the man near the Phillip’s camp and brought him back to his café and laid him on the floor. The café owner was freed as most men were then.

            Gambling and selling whiskey were illegal in Forsan. But there was a place close to the old scout house that did have drinking and gambling. The two “laws” of Forsan; Miller and Nickerson, had a shooting with the two gamblers. “Bunk” Harris was one. He was sent to prison. The other gambler, unknown. No one was hurt during the shootout.

            1930 a man named Martin owned several houses.  He was a very good man except when he got drunk about once a year. He got drunk one night and killed Pete Gibson for no reason at all. Unlike most people at this time, he did plead guilty. He was sent to prison for 99 years. He died not long ago in prison.

            Hall, the druggist of Forsan didn’t like the way the school was being run. He came up to see principal Boylen. Mr. Boylen got after Mr. Hall with a baseball bat and Mr. Hall never came back to school.    

            The city barber was very important in a small town at this time. Forsan just like all other towns had a city barber shop. One morning the barber got a sort of razor happy and chased a man all over Forsan with a razor trying to kill him.

            Hijacking was also popular in Forsan, but there were not real murder cases for hijacking.