Jan. 19, 1954



            Fairview, Texas, a little town located on the old no. 9 road between Sterling City and Big Spring.  The town got its name, because you could see in from three different directions.  Fairview began or grew up in the 1910’s.

          There was a gas station and store, together, in the bend of the road that named the little town of Fairview.  The name of the building was the “Three way Station.”

          The school was built some years later. Grandfather Bedell was one of the many people to help build the building.  One of the first teachers there was a man named Greenwood.     In later years the school moved to Garden City.

          The travel on the road was all the traveling from San Antonio to Big Spring because there was no other road of good use.

          Mr. Bedell was the Deputy Sheriff of Fairview around 1917.  There are three graves in the cemetery, two babies and a mom.  The cemetery was in the corner of the Pruit Hill Pasture north of the city limits of Fairview,

          Some children owned and operated four spudding machines he used in the oil field when it first came in.  The shop was located somewhere in Fairview.

          Fairview covered all the little hill just south of what used to be the gas station was one of the reasons you could see the town from three different directions.

          U.S. 87 was put in and took the place of the old 9 roadways. The results, Fairview gradually decreased and now there is nothing but old foundations left.