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Big Spring Herald article on history of Forsan Click Joyce Baggett's picture to read her research paper on Forsan history
Main Street with Motel construction Forsan Hardware & Furniture
Main Street looking south Forsan Drug
Forsan West Conoco Camp Main Street
This Conoco gas station used to set across the street from the Soda Shop Moore Grocery - Built in the late 1920's, torn down 1958. Luther & Mary Moore owned it from 1946 to 1956.
Main Street looking north in 1982 Cafe Sign
Forsan Today Garrett Ranch House


     Fred Hyer Newspaper Articles


Click here to listen to C.V. Wash, age 92, describe the early days of Forsan C. V. Wash with his $4500 Pulling Unit in 1945
Bob Wash 1949 Wash Advertisement
1948 Rig Crew - Jim Earl West, Frank Thieme, Perry Howard, Raymond Overton D. C. Bedell in 1948 with Forsan Oil Company rig


Lonnie Tilman Shoults came to Forsan in 1929. He graduated from Coahoma in 1928. To hear Tilman Shoults describe the early days of Forsan click Session 1 and then Session 2. 

Jimmie Shoults is the son of  Tilman and Anita Shoults. He was born and raised in Forsan. Click Session 1  to listen to his school memories and click Session 2 to hear his thoughts on Forsan.

Tilman standing on ladder of oil stock tank on Forsan lease.

Tilman and his wife Anita Shoults

This picture was taken in 1913. Lonnie was one year old. Tilman and Anitya on the Royal Oil & Gas lease located two miles southwest of Forsan.


Boyce Hale was in the first graduating class of 1938. Click here to read his memories. Click here to listen to Session 1 or Session 2. This picture was taken in 1934
This map is of the first school at Forsan This picture was taken in 1935
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 All
Service Man Honor Roll of Forsan Veterans Enlarged sections of the Service Man Honor Roll


Estill Park - Click here to hear her memories. Big Spring Herald article covering Henry Park
Left is Estill Park and on the right is county nurse Jewel Barton. They are standing in front of a power house on the Clay Lease. Steve Park looks out of the one window of the Ross City jail
Steve Park stands in front of a Ft. Worth Spudder his father once worked. This building on McDonald road was used by Estill Park to store milk. A mist of well water sprayed on the metal milk containers to keep them cool..
Fred Hyer and Henry Park. They are standing on the Clay Lease in front of the last well Fred Hyer drilled before he died. Steve Park stands in front of a grave located across McDonald road from the milk house.


Lucy & Arthur Barton have lived in Forsan 71 years This is Lucy Barton's 1934 Senior Class ring. Click here to listen to Lucy. Session 1, Session 2, Session 3, Session 4
Truck used on the 1933 Senior Trip. A tarp was stretched across the top for cover and the 15 students road in the back. They went to Carlsbad, Ruidosa, El Paso & Juarez. Shown are Paul Fulton & Coach Kitty Wingo. 1934 Senior Trip  Mr. L.L. Martin, Mr. Malechek, John Camp Adams, Bobby Asbury, James Thompson, Mildred Mangel, Marie Womack, James Madding, Ollie Ruth Reed, Lucy Wilson, Grace Tennison, Kitty Wingo


Forsan Baptist Church West Side (Established Spring of 1929) 76th Anniversary Article by Big Spring Herald
East Side North Side
Auditorium Pulpit
1940 Sunday School Class-Easter on Overton Ranch -3rd from left is Arlen White, 4th in front is Jessie Lewis Overton, 5th in front is John Park, 7th in front is Eva Park, 8th (in shadow) Faye (Camp) Day, far right is Bubbs Gresset
Church of Christ Methodist Church (used to be the Chalk School)



This Conoco historical marker is located 13 miles south of Big Spring on Highway 87 1950 Tank Battery

US 87 at intersection with FM 821 8 mi. S; First Commercial Oil Well in Howard County On Nov. 9, 1925, this wildcat well No.1 H. R. Clay, drilled by Fred Hyer, began pumping oil in a venture that hinted at vast oil resources in West Texas. The well on Clay’s land hit pay dirt at 1,508 feet. Soon oil land speculators developed a great interest in this formerly "worthless" territory and other wildcatters flocked to the area. As a result of efforts here, the Permian Basin—one of the richest oil repositories in the state, was developed. Since 1925 Howard County has produced more than 300 million barrels.

Written History of the Forsan Post Office

The post office was located just south of the current Soda Shop Post Office
Vera Harris was the Postmaster for 35 years. This picture was taken in 1956. Opal Snelling was a Postal Clerk for Vera Harris for 21 years. The safe in this picture had to be moved with a crane.
Audrey Bardwell was a Postal Clerk for Vera Harris for 21 years Opal Snelling and Vera Harris in 1960
The postmaster was Vera Harris and she had her living quarters in back of the building Vera Harris in 1979


Forsan High School and Gym Forsan High School in 1941
Forsan High School 1962 Forsan Gym
Forsan Primary and Cafeteria 3 Man School Board: Middle I.O. Shaw, left is Earl Grant
(Picture to the left) 1931 County Champions
Front Row- Anita (Huff) Shoults, Minilee Campbell, Lucille Wilson, Lucy Barton
Back Row- Loreatha Parks, Opal Fielder, Lillian Thames, Paula Nixon
- Mrs. Bolan
Inside the Auditorium/Gymnasium 1954
Forsan Auditorium Gymnasium Click the 1946 Annual Cover to view
past annual pictures
Forsan High School Forsan High School
Forsan High School and Gym 1946 School Cafeteria
1952 Front Entrance (South side of building where today's auditorium and additional classrooms were added) 1954 Buffalo Stadium
1958 High School Football Team. Former Superintendent George White is #18. This concrete buffalo was a victim of school rivalries. A chain was thrown around the statue and it was drug down the highway for several miles.
1956 Aerial picture of Forsan campus 2001 Aerial picture of Forsan campus
Early Forsan School Bus 2001 Bus with Air Conditioning and Cruise Control
FHS from South looking North FHS from Northeast looking Southwest
Past Superintendents Past Board Members



"The Unlawful Town" written by Nedulene Pitcock in 1958 "Fairview" Student Paper written in 1954 by Willson
"Stewart Ranch" written in 1961 by Jay Creighton "The Good Old Days" written in 1958 by Franklin Carl Tate Jr.



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